Coronavirus Aid for Media Planning Teams

Among many things, this nasty coronavirus outbreak has forced a lot of people to work far away from teammates. This is disrupting the workflow at many agencies, particularly for media planners not equipped with tools designed for remote collaboration.

To help you cope with remote media planning challenges, we are offering qualified, affected media planning teams with free access to Bionic for Agencies media planning software until June 2020 or end of pandemic, whichever is later.

Unlike any other system, Bionic gives you real-time collaboration that keeps everyone on the team literally on the same page. You can be working on the same media plan at the same time and not clobber each other’s work. You see where your coworkers are working on the media plan and see their updates instantly.

Bionic is always saving so you never lose any work. It keeps a complete history of changes and gives you a super-undo function for any changes you need to reverse.

In addition to the software, you will also get unlimited free training and support to help you get up and running.

Now, let's get started...

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